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Welcome to my brand new blog/ vlog series.

I think I should start this series by first telling a little bit about myself and why in the world I have decided to make videos and blogs and release them to the entire internet.

My name is Sunny.

I have recently graduated from Grad School, and by recent I mean last October. This last graduation now means that I hold two degrees, a Bachelors degree in Communication and a Masters degree in Journalism. I have always love visual journalism, though mainly I have always focused on Photography, since I am a photojournalist.

Currently, I have moved back home with my family while I am attempting to find a career path. Or at least find a job that helps me use the two very expensive pieces of paper I have earned.

The reason I want to do this is because journalist need to do journalist things. I have always been taught to seek and share information. Journalists, particularly student journalist, are encouraged to share our opinions, our thought and our stories. We are encouraged to write, to make videos, or to take photographs that would help improve our skills. I have always been taught to just be journalist. And I haven’t been doing that.

My goal for this vlog is to take one recent event from my life, something that happens to me, or in my life, and talk about it by connecting it to the rest of the outside world. And by that, I mean the news, current events, and world events.  I am hoping this way I will be able to make connections from my life to a bigger picture. Bring issues facing the entire population, to my own little corner of the world. Maybe this way I can show that we are all a little more connected than what we think.

I guess what I also what to get from this is to improve my abilities for shooting, editing and even research. I want to be a better journalist.

Also I want to feel like I am being productive and have some sort of attempt to have a creative outlet.

The plan is to have this blog and vlog series result in a multi platform cross over. The youtube video is below, and the video is linked to this blog. I want to make use that is always multimedia such as video and photography. I might even create some audio post.

I’m not sure how this vlog, and corresponding blogs, will progress. I’m not sure what path it might eventually take and where it might lead me. I don’t know if I might make video that dive into my personal life. I don’t know if I might end up making massive rant videos about the world.

But I am going to try, and see what happens.

Check out the video below, and follow it to my Youtube site to like the video or subsribe.